Most Expensive Construction Jobs

Well, it really is a good idea to start talking about it now. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the next few years are projected to see substantial growth in new job openings in construction. More precisely, it is estimated that there will only be 790,400 new work openings in the industry in the United States by 2024. It is certainly some fantastic news for someone who either already works or wishes to pursue a career in construction. Given this amazing development, you’ve got to be careful about doing your due diligence on which are the best choices for you. There is no need to think about it though.

Construction managers

It is difficult to be a construction manager. It’s probably one of the industrially most challenging jobs. You have to constantly juggle through a whole host of duties and obligations. On top of that, it needs good leadership and interpersonal skills. If you also take into account the need to learn how to make budget plans and write development plans, then it becomes obvious that we are thinking about incredibly tough work.

Yet it’s a career spot, with great opportunities for the future. For this reason project managers usually earn high salaries for their services. With a rate of unemployment of 2.8 percent and a median income of $87,400 (US market), this is a perfect opportunity for those seeking an exciting construction career.

Crane Operator

Average pay for crane operators is $46.00 a year. Their key duties include the use of hydraulic beams and other cable equipment to lift and transfer heavy building materials , goods and machinery.

Construction and Building Inspector: 

Building and building inspectors inspect work sites and new projects to ensure that building follows local and national design standards and regulations, zoning laws, and contract requirements.


Ironworkers Mount the iron or steel reinforcing rods in homes, dams, and roads. They also erect the steel beams for bridges and high-rise buildings. Many ironworkers are completing apprenticeships, some are being educated at work. Welding, wiring, and signaling certifications will help you get employed.
2018 Median Pay: $52,770 per year, $25.37 per hour. Projected Growth: 13%

 Construction Equipment Operator: 

Operators of construction equipment power the bulldozers and earth movers, they also control cranes and other heavy machinery used for the construction of roads , bridges, houses and construction sites. On-the-job preparation or technical school are also options for recruiting.
2018 Median Pay: $46,990 per year, $22.59 per hour. Projected Growth: 12%


 Roofers mount and fix the roofs for residential and industrial use. Much of the training is on the job while some roofers are undertaking a training program.
2018 Median Pay: $39,970 per year, $19.22 per hour. Projected Growth: 11%

Construction Laborer and Helper: Some construction positions include staff and assistants who support employees in commuting. Such positions are on the lower end of the wage scale because there are no provisions for formal schooling or training.
2018 Median Pay: $34,810 per year, $16.74 per hour. Projected Growth: 12%