Comparing Quartz Countertops to Granite Countertops

When talking about the kitchen remodel or renovation, the countertops are considered an integral part of the kitchen. Hence the choice of material for them is not easy when it comes to graphite and quartz. 

Now the question arises which one should be preferred because both of them consist of equally unique features to answer that question we need to know about both the materials.

Quartz is a widely available mineral compound found in the form of igneous rock. After crushing and polishing the rock, it is then molded into various objects. The quartz countertops are manufactured by mixing 95% of natural quartz and 5% of epoxy (resins).

While granite is a lightweight but durable igneous rock found in many continents. Extracted granite is cut down to handy size and polished to get fine shine.

The two materials have their pros and cons. Here are some features we are going to discuss for both the items. Depending on your budget you can decide which of the two materials suit you best.

1. Quartz is shinier than Granite:

Quartz is a mixture of resins and natural quartz compounds. It shows a range of colors and gives a smooth shine.

Granite gives the feeling of shiny natural rock. Its colors can vary according to the ores, it was extracted. It is mostly found in a blue and green tone.

They both look appealing to the eyes. You can choose whether you need a shiny or a smooth countertop.

2. Cost Difference:

The quartz is said to be highly expensive, due to the lengthy process of converting it into usable material.

Granite is cheaper in comparison to quartz. Usually, people prefer to go with a cheap product. 

3. Eco-friendly:

The quartz is less porous and stain proof. So it gets scratched because of its sensitively smooth surface.

While, on the other hand, granite is porous and can absorb liquid. This quality makes granite durable and low maintenance.

4. Easy Maintenance:

The quartz loses when it comes to maintenance because it is a mixer of resins and quartz minerals. It can get stained from the overheated materials and cannot be cleaned simply. So, it requires high maintenance. 

On the contrary, granite is a low maintenance product and is less resistant to heat. If the granite countertop gets stained, it can be removed easily making the countertop good as new.

The resins addition factor makes the quartz high maintenance and hence in terms of maintenance, granite is greatly favored to be the part of your kitchen. 

5. Materials Used to Make:

The Quartz countertop is made by an addition of mixture and leftover quartz crystals.

Granite countertops are made from the natural rock by mining from the quarry and then made into portable pieces for use.

So far, we have learned that both the Granite and Quartz countertop possess equally unique features. Now the burden of choice lies on the consumer, keeping the idea of the budget in mind both materials are widely seen in our kitchen and bathroom. Granite attracts nature lovers and Quartz is well known among the people for its distinct features.